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Version: 2.0.0-alpha.25 - License MIT
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Our clean
Datetime picker

Our datetime picker support all ISO formats,
disabling weekends or specific dates as well as min and max date...
All of this in a nice and clean package.

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Our clean
Color picker

Out color picker support multiple color format like HSL(A), RGB(A) and HEX(A). All of this with a lot more control options.

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Our clean
Icons management

Icons are often a pain to manage. Here's our clean solution to make use of Fontawesome icons, as well as SVG files. More sources can be added depending on the community needs...

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Our clean

We have a lot of form components for your to discover but here's a simple example of a login/signin form with validations and responsive labels.

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Our clean

Ranges can be used for a lot of purposes. However, it often lacks of clear information about the value you are selecting. Here's our ranges that handle that problem:

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A lot
of Helpers

Using Coffeekraken, you have access to a lot of helpers like:

CSS classes (postcss)

Margins Paddings Colors Flexbox Typography And more...

JS (browser)

querySelectorLive whenInViewport deepMerge deepProxy isMobile And more...

And a lot more...

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The more we are,
the stronger we become.

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